While they last, 80 Acre (quarter mile by half mile) tracks in Humboldt County Nevada for $15,999 cash (just $200/Acre).  Seller pays for escrow and closing costs! 

Lowest land prices in the USA!

Land is a safe long term investment. It is impossible to lose money on land ownership, if you buy it at the right price and hold it for long enough.
At $200/acre, you can't lose!

   Click Here   for Packard Valley Land For Sale

Click Here for Packard Valley Land For Sale

40 (quarter mile square) and 80 Acre tracks in Pershing County Nevada, Near Reno, starting at $15,999 (only $400/Acre) with seller financing.

$155/month for 40 acres!

This land is perfect for investment, recreation, or development.

CheapRuralProperty.com specialized in selling the cheapest 40 and 80 Acre parcels of land in Northern Nevada.  Cheap rural property investments are simple, low cost and safe. The property tax on our 40 and 80 acre parcels is less than $60 per year making them affordable long term investments.  Unlike other low cost investments land can be used or developed and enjoyed while you're buying it. There are no safer investment opportunities than in cheap rural property: (a) land remains forever, (b) it is limited in quantity (they are not making any more of it), (c) it increases in value with or without improvement, and (d) nothing needs to happen to increase its value but the passage of time – it doesn’t require any rezoning, or development activities of any kind, and it doesn’t have to be in the path of growth. All that is required is the passing of time for it to acquire increased value. There are countless historical examples of this simple fact! Cheap rural property is an excellent long term, low cost investment opportunity!


CheapRuralProperty.com Commitment:

  • Lowest prices in Nevada

  • We guarantee our pricing vs. any similar type of land

  • No credit checks, everyone qualifies

  • 60 day full money back guarantee

  • 10% Discounts for all cash purchases