SALE PRICE - $15,999, Just $200/ACRE

(down from $29,333, $367/acre)

ALL CASH PURCHASE - Seller Pays Escrow and Closing Costs

Listing Date – Currently Available
County – Humboldt
State – Nevada

Contact – Earl Bouillon
Phone– (949) 632-7066

It's practically impossible to lose money owning cheap land in the United States if you buy it cheap enough and hold it long enough!  While they last, 80-Acre tracts (quarter mile by half mile) in Humboldt County Nevada for $15,999 cash (just $200/Acre).  Seller pays all escrow and closing costs!

This is an excellent parcel of land to acquire at this low price!  Hold for future development, or invest. Land is a historically proven excellent investment as well as proven hedge against inflation!

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Location: The property is in the state of Nevada near the city of Winnemucca, approximately 150 miles northeast of Reno on Interstate Highway 80.

Location Specifics: The land can be found using GPS coordinates or a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) map.  GPS coordinates of the southeast corner of the property lies on 41.0911081, -118.1598722 as provided by Earth Point (Google Earth).  The location can be found using any GPS device, website, or program such as Google Earth. Click on the Google Earth link below and you can see the land indicated by the waypoint in the middle of the map. You can also use a Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) map which is also attached (“checkerboard map”) and look for Township 37N, Range 34E, Section 9, Parcel 15.


Directions: From Winnemucca drive west on State Highway 49, “Jungo Road”, approximately 22 miles to a dirt road heading north toward Corral, Delong Windmill and Lee Windmill. Drive north on the dirt road approximately 10 miles to GPS coordinates indicated above.

Legal Description: T37N, R34E, S9, Parcel 15, Humboldt County, NV (APN 005-278-15)

Access/Roads: This Section of land is in a checkerboard area established by the Railroad Act of 1862, where each Section alternates between private and U. S. Government ownership. The U. S. Government land (public land) is managed by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Access to this Section is guaranteed by long standing policy of the BLM allowing the public to cross BLM property to get to the privately owned property. Within the Section, access to the Parcel is by recorded easement (see survey). This particular parcel of land borders Federal BLM land on two sides and borders private land on two sides.

The Benefits of BLM Land: Consisting of hundreds of thousands of open acreage, it is undevelopable and provides vast vistas which enhance the natural beauty of the area. Additionally it is available to adjacent land owners for hiking, horseback riding and, hunting and, in some cases, grazing.

Survey: The entire Section has been surveyed and recorded with the County. All corners of the Parcel have been marked with permanent monuments. The Section survey is in the gallery above as well as the individual parcel survey, or you can download it by clicking the survey link to the right. When looking at the Section survey the property for sale is Lot 15 on the bottom right (SE) of the Section. All other lots have been sold.

Uses: This is raw, undeveloped land. No improvements or homeowner services of any nature are being represented. Use of the land is to comply with County, State, and Federal law. Ranching, farming, hiking, camping, horseback riding, and hunting is permitted. Build a home or a ranch on the land for live-in or vacation use. Own the land for speculation on future land value and build nothing.  Land is an excellent hedge against inflation.  Own the land to pass-down to your children and create your own family legacy.

Zoning: The land is zoned Open Land Use (M-3) allowing single family dwellings, ranching, farming on a commercial or personal basis, and hunting. Any future building must comply with all applicable codes and regulations. There are no private land use restrictions or building restrictions now in effect. For additional information, contact Humboldt County at the following web address Land Use Regulations, re: M-3 zoning, Chapter 17.44.

Mineral Rights: All mineral rights have been retained by others since the Railroad Act of 1862 and are not included as a part of this offer.

Water: Storage or water well to be provided at Buyer’s sole expense. State published reports of wells drilled in the vicinity indicate water to be found at a depth of 100 to 200 feet. Seller does not guarantee the success of finding water or the quality of water to be found. For additional information, contact the Nevada Water District at the following web address contact domestic water well drillers in the area.

Other Utilities: Gas (propane), Telephone (cellular), Electricity (generator) and Sanitation (septic system) are to be provided at Buyer’s sole expense.  No utilities of any kind are being represented and no information for their cost to develop is included.

Property Taxes: Property taxes are currently less than $60.00 per year; however future reassessment by the County is possible.